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Organizational Capacity Initiative

The NCCDH has launched a 20-month participatory initiative to test ways to develop organizational capacity to advance health equity (project overview). The project is using an international learning circle, working in tandem with two practice sites to learn what frameworks, strategies and organizational conditions are most useful and effective to develop and sustain Canadian public health organizational capacity for health equity action.

We are currently working with two organizations, each with a focus on a specific public health challenge of interest to multiple programs. The sites represent different organizational models (e.g., health unit, department within health authority) and differing contexts (e.g., rural and urban, and geography/population size served by department). The practice sites will engage in exchange and co-learning among the other sites involved.

Learn more about the participating site projects below.

Site name Project description
Interior Health (BC) Implementing a health equity lens in opioid overdose surveillance and reporting

The project aims to support the implementation of a health equity lens in the reporting, monitoring and surveillance practices related to the overdose crisis, guided by the “Equity-integrated PHSR (EI-PHSR) action framework."

Ottawa Public Health (ON) Client and community engagement

OPH will develop a departmental client and community engagement framework and an engagement policy that incorporate a health equity/SDOH perspective.

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